Wayward fortune cookies.

The most fun part of any Chinese food dinner is the fortune cookie. I learned how to make my own personalized fortune cookies when I was in college a hundred years ago. (Funny note: Our college apartment made these and gave them to different boys' apartments around us. I was studying Tennyson at the time and used a quote from a famous poem as a fortune. It was definitely BAD fortune when someone that I had just broken up with got the famous quote " 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." He thought I did it on purpose for him!!!)

Anyway, enough confessions. I decided it would be fun to color my fortune cookies this time. I used a new recipe from All Recipes and I watch a how-to video on YouTube. Both were helpful. It will take some practice to get it right., but it really isn't that hard. I used parchment paper to line my pan and that really helped. You can write your own fortunes or go to a website like this one. 

Here are some ideas:

You could write love notes to your sweetie and make red fortune cookies.
You could write baby advice inside pink and blue ones for a shower.
You could use Irish proverbs inside green ones for St. Patrick's Day
Spring quotes inside of pastel colored ones.

You could hide clues to a scavenger hunt inside them.

The sky's the limit!
Have fun and good fortune!


Jordan McCollum said...

Oh, Mom, that story's good enough to be in a book ;) .

Hayden asks if you can send him one.

Just Jaime said...

These are so fun! I need to make some now! I love your stories!

Tracy said...

Ohh these are some fun ideas to use fortune cookies in.
Neat to colour them up as well.

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