I started these cute frames for at craft-a-plaooza projects, but finished them 15 mintues ago. I found the idea on pinterest, but I don't remember the link.  

This cute little baby is 6 years old today. Happy birthday, sweet boy!
You need a wooden frame-- any kind or size. I just used from every inexpensive ones from Michaels.
joint compound (for dry wall)
paint (I used Folk Art brand artist pigment- burnt umber. It was very thick so I thinned it a bit.) You could use spray paint, too.
Rub'n Buff Wax Metallic finish ( a great product, cheap, long lasting, and useful)

decorator tip (round) and bag,

Put a about a half cup of joint compound into a bowl. It is thick! Slowly add water until it is the consistency of frosting. (Use more or less joint compound depending on how large your frame is.)

Fill a decorator bag with the compound and pipe a design on the frame. You could draw a design on first. (Obviously not the route a Wayward girl would choose. I might next time, though.)

Let that dry for a while. (I let my dry for 6 weeks. It was nice and dry. You could probably let it dry for several hours or overnight.)

Paint the frame. Let it dry. Give it another coat if needed.

Put a tiny dab (and I mean tiny) spot of Rub'n Buff. I dabbed mine off after I got too much on the first time.
Dab it on the piped design and around the edges. Buff it a little.

My first touch was too heavy, and I left too much gold. I painted over it.

I was working fast to get this posted, but I might go back and tidy this up.
I plan to put mirrors in both frames.


Just Jaime said...

Such a cool idea! I can't believe it's handmade!

Laura said...

That is truly unique. I haven't seen anything like that before. Playing with joint compound could be lots of fun. Happy birthday to that adorable "babe."

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