What I'm making for Christmas

Unfortunately, most of the people I'm giving gifts to read (or write!) this blog, so I can't share some of my cool ideas. But a few people don't, so I can share some gift ideas of what I'm hoping to make for Christmas gifts.

My older daughter is taking a ballet class, and I worry about her getting cold on the drive, so I want to make her a set (and my younger daughter will surely want a set, too, so she can also be a "bahweena!") of these:

Leg warmers (I'll probably add some poofy edging on the top)
Source: ravelry.com via Jordan on Pinterest

Ballerina shrug (with no finishing!)
Source: ravelry.com via Jordan on Pinterest
I think my older daughter's will be off-white and my younger daughter's will be lavender.

For my son, I've almost finished a red version of this Hallows Cardigan (based on a sweater Ron wears in one of the Harry Potter movies):
Source: ravelry.com via Jordan on Pinterest

(My husband reads the blog, so, sweetheart, YOU GET NOTHING.)

And then for some other family members (who are NOT my sisters, though I love you all), I love finding useful little things that you'd never think of, but use constantly.

This is hard. But sometime last fall, I came across this:

It's an organizer that hangs on the back of a car seat. And yes, it's sewn, not knit. I could definitely use one of these, and I think most families could, too.

Of course, I can't forget me! I should ask for some yarn to indulge, right? Probably some time around Valentine's day, I might be ready to start a BIG project for myself:

Source: ravelry.com via Jordan on Pinterest

This gorgeous Snowdrift Cardigan, either in winter white or "greige."

What are you making for Christmas gifts?


Just Jaime said...

Great ideas! I can just see your girls in their ballerina gear!

Rachelle Christensen said...

Fun! Looks like you are quite the knitter. I crochet and I'm crocheting beanie hats and scarves for my daughter's dolls for Christmas right now.

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