Good clean fun (literally!)

Hey y'all! It has been weeks and weeks since I have blogged. Between the wedding, holidays, and illness, I am barely keeping my head above water. Things are looking up and here I am blogging on Friday.
I decided to do something totally kid (and mom) friendly. Shaped soap. You can look up directions on how to actually make soap, but this is the wayward way to do it quickly and with the children
You need some Ivory soap and some cookie cutters. Optional supplies include glitter, scented wax or essential oil, and wax.

Here's what to do:
Finely chop or grate 1 or 2 bars of Ivory soap. Here it is finely chopped, but it would have melted better grated. The soap is very soft, so your little ones could cut it with butter knives.

Put your soap in a double broiler and let it melt. (I tried some the microwave, too. It was another fun experiment. It bubbles up really big! The kids would love it.) I added a little water. This is when you would add a few drops of oil or scented wax.

Let it melt.  I only waited until it looked like mashed potatoes. It may have melted further. You know us wayward folks!
Next  I patted out the 'dough' into a circle and cut out stars and snowflakes. (Spray the cutters with Pam or oil.) For a few of the shapes, I  pressed the soap into the shapes rather than cutting them out. Carefully press them out of the cutters.

I sprinkled a tiny bit of glitter on them soap. You can dip the glitter side in melted wax if you want to keep it off your hands.

Clean up is easy. Let water take the soap out of the pans you used. Throw the scraps and the kids into the tub and tell them to bubble up!
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