Simple Tags Made In Word

I've made some tags lately and they were super cute and super simple. I made them in Microsoft Word and printed them on some heavy card stock. I made ones to go on the caramel I made my neighbors and the fort kits I made my nieces and nephews. I also made labels for my craft organizers.

Step 1: Go to the insert menu and insert shapes. I usually use the rectangle with rounded corners on the first line.

Step 2: Draw the shape
 Step 3: Decide what background you want.

 Step 4: Add text by hitting the "add text" button. You then can add clip art. You may need to change the text wrapping on this. (Found on the right side of the screen).
 Step 5: Print on card stock and cut out. I usually use my corner rounder to get uniform corners and a hole punch of its tied onto something. These are three examples of the recent ones I did.
These could be great for Valentines!!

1 comment :

Just Jaime said...

This is a great idea and so simple! You're right, it's great for Valentine's Day!

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