$7 St. Patrick's Day decor (doubly lucky!)

I've posted before about using glass vases to extend the life of your holiday decorations, and so you can use them year-round, just changing what's inside. I finally found some suitable vases at pretty much the only place I was willing to buy them from: the dollar store. I picked up five. Add some plastic Easter eggs from Wal-Mart for $2 and I have decorations for two holidays in a row!

To go with the green theme, I searched around my house for green things to fill the vases. Here are some ideas for "free home decorating."

  • Food! I had these limes on hand for a recipe. (They've since been used.) Plastic fruit also works well.
  • Pens, markers, crayons and colored pencils. If we want to color something green, this is where we need to go.
  • Craft supplies. I had two balls of green yarn and a spool of thread very handy. Fabric and paper could also work well.
  • Small toys. A set of blocks had three colors of green, and we added things like a spinning top, k'nex and a tiny Buzz Lightyear.
  • Seasonal holiday supplies, like the Easter eggs I'll be filling these with next, or Christmas ornaments.
  • Candy. I'd love to see these full of pastel M&Ms! Wonder how many bags that would take . . .
  • Plants (and fake plants). If I couldn't find anything else, I knew I had some fake greenery somewhere to stick in here. Everything from flowers to fall leaves would work great.
  • Nature. In the fall, things like acorns and maple helicopters could make very cool seasonal decor. Plus, a fun family activity: nature walk! Sand and seashells also make great seasonal or year-round additions.
I was so proud of myself for finally putting together some really cool, really me holiday decor I could live with . . . and then I put the green vases on a green shelf in front of a green wall.


What would you put in these vases for your favorite holiday?

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Just Jaime said...

This reminds me of a solution from The Happiness Project! Great idea

Diana said...

I love the decorations! Very creative.

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