Lord of The Rings Picture

(Don't worry, there will be more wedding posts) My husband's favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I wanted to decorate our wall that the TV is against with the movies and other things we love. So I thought I would attempt to make a LOTR picture. I started out with a picture.

Not too ambitious, right?
So we ventured out to WalMart and bought paints, brushes and canvas board. I started by painting the sky. I started at the top with the darkest part. (I didn't want to paint the mountains so I just didn't) Then I added a small amount of white to my paint and moved down the canvas. I got to the lightest part and painted it white to help with blending and texture even though the canvas was already white. I painted the bottom black for the ground. Then I set it in the sunshine with a fan pointed at it to dry.

Next, I traced the images of the people onto printer paper. Then I cut them out and spaced them on a scratch piece of paper. Then it was time to draw them on.
Here's where it really made it look good. I drew just some scribbles on the back of the cut out making sure there was pencil where the outlines were.
Then I traced the outlines on the front hard onto the canvas. The pencil transferred onto the canvas. I then drew it in a little darker and moved on to the next character.
After I did all the people, I took a sharpie and traced the outlines again. Then I colored them in with sharpie as well. And voila! A totally awesome LOTR picture worthy to hang.


Lauren said...

That is awesome! I live in New Zealand close to where some of these scenes were filmed, and I love watching the movie. I can't wait to see The Hobbit!

Just Jaime said...

VERY cool! The silhouettes are AMAZING!

Jasmine said...

My husband served an LDS mission in Australia. A lot of those who served with him were from New Zealand! And yes, I LOVE Tim Tam slam!

Diana said...

You did a great job!

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