Wedding receptions!

We've been sharing a lot about Jasmine's fantastic wedding reception, but she's not the only member of our family tying the knot. Our cousin, who happens to be just 8 days younger than Jasmine, got married last month! Jasmine and I were able to attend. If you're looking for wedding reception inspiration, check out these fun ideas!

The ceremony

(sorry, no pictures allowed inside)

The happy couple!

My son, always the bridesman.
(This is amazingly clear of snow. Some people had to hike up other stairs
that were so full, their high snow boots also filled with snow!)

The luncheon

Hosted by the groom's parents, the luncheon was held in their church building. 
Friends and family provided soup, salad, rolls and desserts.
Tablescape, table of honor
Lots of Valentine candy to match the very, very varied color scheme!

My kids with my aunt, the lovely mother of the bride

My grandparents with my kids. This picture is true life.

The reception

The reception was held in an event room at the local library. They also coordinated with a decorator through the library, which was weird for the Wayward Girls (we seriously asked three times when we needed to be there to help set up), but also really nice.

The entrance: guestbook, a vintage suitcase for cards, along with some other cool vintage touches. 
The picture of the couple is from a photo session they did in advance (along with her bridals?).

Table centerpieces: fresh flowers, engagement photos, books, birdcage, ceramic birds . . .
(My youngest under the white flowers)

The receiving line and backdrop (Jasmine isn't a part of it, she's just chatting)


It's what you really want to see, isn't it?

A rainbow of lemonades to match the wedding colors!
Lemonade, blue raspberry (with blackberries?), pink, peach (with blueberries) and water 
My son made sure our whole table stayed topped off with the color of their choice.

Some of the cupcake spread--friends and family provided 600 cupcakes! 
Also to eat: pre-plated cream cheese chicken salad on croissants, chocolate drizzled strawberries, and cucumber/mozzarella/tomato toothpicks drizzled with dressing. Yum!

The wedding cake: white cake layered with raspberry filling, with an ivory and white lace stencil pattern on fondant.

The groom's cake: Chocolate mustache cake!


A friend set up a professional photo booth in a side room and provided props, a backdrop, lights and a photographer (her husband) for a fun photobooth. My kids loved it!

It was a lot of fun!
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