Ornament Storage Box

Each of the girls has a collection of Christmas tree ornaments that began when they were born and grew each Christmas. At some point I purchased red and green plastic ornament bins for each girl. Though these held the ornaments well for many years, they were not suitable for mailing. I had to find other ways to send Jordan and Jaime their ornaments. (The plastic bin was perfect to take to Brooke's house.) Since I had a little more time on my hand with Jasmine's ornaments, I decided to create (or re-create) a box to hold the ornaments.

I bought a decorative box at Michaels-- the ones that are covered with pretty paper and have a magnetic flap closure. It was pretty, but it wasn't Christmassy. I also bought 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to cover the box.

Before I started decorating the box, I needed to make some partitions. I decided to make 2 layers and cut enough posterboard strips to make them. Notice how I notched the strips. They slipped together easily. I put a piece of posterboard between the layers.

Now I was ready to decorate. I painted the top with  a collage glue. I chose matt finish this time.

I added layers and borders because my box was larger than the papers. I used a contrasting paper for the sides.  After the first coat was dry, I added a second coat.

I found a pretty B and printed the outline of mirror image on the back of printed paper. I actually did two, because I was going to make a shadow. I didn't like how it looked, so I just used 1 letter.

I carefully decoupaged it on the lid. (I put the other one on the inside.)

Done! Now I just have to mail it!
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