Waterproofing Matches

Remember when I said I'd post something about waterproofing your matches and I still haven't? Well, surprise! That's what today's post is about. We waterproofed matched because they were going to be next to food and I didn't want anything to taste weird or the matches be impacted either. This is also good for a summer post since grilling out and camping trips that happen in the summer typically require fire. It's rather easy to waterproof your matches.
You need a candle or wax and matches.
 Let the candle burn for a while so you have plenty of melted wax to work with. Or melt wax in a small dish. This doesn't have to be very deep. We used a tea candle.

Then dip the match's tip into the melted wax. Make sure you coat all of the tip. I got some of the stick to just to make sure it was coated completely. The dip in the wax doesn't need to last too long either and one coat works just fine. Make sure you don't ignite the match while dipping in the candle.
Then let dry. My mom and I stuck them in holes we had punched in a graham cracker box so they would dry rounded and undamaged. Since it's wax, they dry and cool very quickly.
And you're done. See, told you it was super easy.
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