You're Invited! Blue's Clues Party Invite + a printable

Remember PB's ice cream party from last year?

She was so little!!
This year we decided to do a Blue's Clues theme. She watched all of the episodes with Steve (there are 98 but don't you dare put on one with Joe) two times over on Netflix. She sleeps with a stuffed "Boo" and loves to say "Maaaaail!"

In the next couple days I'll be posting details and things I learned along the way from her party. Today we'll start out with the invite.

To start I counted how many invitation I would need. I decided to make 12 and I could fit 2 cards per page (my dimensions were about 5.5" x 10") so I bought 6 pages of yellow card stock. I went to Staples to get 3 color pages of the chair and 3 of the inside picture printed. The prints turned out better than my printer and were only $.59 each. 

I cut out the chairs and inside info and 5 pieces of about 3" long ribbon per card. I glued the ribbon on the front first under where the chair picture would cover. 

 I then flipped the card over and glued the ribbons onto the back. I glued another piece of card stock scrap over the ends to secure. I then glued the picture onto the front and to the inside and they were ready to go in the mail.

Here is the printable for the front of the card. Enjoy!

Join us tomorrow for more from the party!

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