Improving Your Plain Business Cards

A month ago when I was going to a Blogger meet-up I thought about how lacking my business cards were. About a year ago I got 250 free business cards ordered through Vista Print. After I got them I realized that they were plain and I wanted to change some of the layout. When I was getting ready for the blogger meet up I came across this article about tips for blogger business cards. It gave me some ideas about how I got make do with what I had.

The first think I wanted to do was add interest to the from by rounding the corners. I've seen cards that have one corner rounded which also adds an element of interest. Corner rounders can be found at a craft store. The one pictured here is Creative Memories

 Here is the before and after of what they look like with the corners rounded. 

To add interest to the back I added a QR code and a picture of me so they remember who they met.
I first decided on the three images I wanted on the back and saved them as individual pictures. I think they were about 50 pixels in height. Make sure you make them smaller in photo editing software first so they don't get distorted in Word. 
I looked at various places to get these printed but it would end up being cheapest if I put my printer on the best printing setting and printed them myself. (This is the wayward part where my printer settings were off and then my printer wouldn't print blah blah I had to use my neighbor's printer on the fourth try) These are the labels I used . They have free templates so it makes it super easy (if you printer is cooperating)

Here is the finished result!

What do you think?
 What are some ways that a business card would stick out to you!?

1 comment :

Laura said...

Clever! I think the corner rounding really does make a tremendous difference.

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