PB's 2nd Birthday Party- Blue's Clues

Once I looked back through I pictures I determined I definitely didn't take enough! I will just have to describe parts of the party for you, sorry! Our camera ran out of card space in the middle of opening presents so some of the time was missed waiting for the card to empty.

So first of all when I was planning this party since it is centered around a show I knew I wanted to bring in the characters. I made a list of the characters and how I would represent them at the party.

  • Blue and Magenta- stuffed animals we had on hand
  • Mailbox- decorated our mailbox
  • Tickety- Sign on front door
  • Steve- Daddy dressed up (he happened to have a similar green stripped shirt and khakis on hand :) )
  • Shovel and Pail- I purchased from Michael's for $1 (I had to buy a yellow and red bucket to get the ones I wanted but that was okay who doesn't need more sand buckets!?)
  • Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper- inexpensive salt and pepper shakers.
Acrylic and Puff paints helped me put the faces on all of characters. 

I traced a paper plate and sketched the rest before filling it in with acrylic paints
Confession time: I never took a picture of good ole' mailbox and forgot to for a few days until it had rained on him. His colors were more vibrant on party day and there were blue polka dotted balloons tied to him. 
Sidewalk Art
To also bring in the characters and bring some excitement to the party I drew fun things on the sidewalk leading up to the house.

I forgot to get good pictures of the decor other than the characters but similar to last year I used Dollar Store table clothes and ribbon. This year to go along with the color theme I used red and yellow table clothes. In our eat-in kitchen behind where PB would be sitting to eat her cake and get pictures taken I put a red table cloth on the table and I used two table cloths as pseudo-curtains with red ribbon tie backs.. I felt like it went along with the Blue's Clues theme. I also used the table cloths on the counters and the dining room table.

Here you can see the side of the pretend curtains. As well as a tiny bit of the banner I got at the Dollar Store. 
You can see the decorations a little better here

I also got helium-filled balloons which I won't be doing again. First of all they are not noticed because they are above eye-level and by the next morning they were all on the floor and half way deflated. No need to waste the money next year! What do you think about getting balloons for a party? I paid less than $10 for all of the balloons but just less thing to think about is better!

See that super cute shirt PB is wearing? I'll show you how I made it tomorrow, as well as how I only spent $6.51 on favors for 10 kids, and how I incorporated the Blue's Clues theme into the food. See you then!

Want to see the invitation for the party


Jordan McCollum said...

So stinkin cute! I love that PB loves Blue's. I'm sure we'll have devotees of our own once we get Netflix hooked up. (We're cutting the cord! Except it was satellite. So...)

Just Jaime said...

I love the curtains! Great job on the characters too!

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