Christmas Parade of Homes 2013: Day 1

First of all I want to express my gratitude to the women who let me photograph their homes. They let me turn on and off lights, move things around, and generally disrupt their schedule. They sat and talked with me and played with and held my children. They were so kind and generous to let me come into their homes!

I learned something I wasn't expecting to, while visiting with them. They shared what they liked about their homes and why they celebrate Christmas the way they do. They shared their traditions and what I found their homes I wasn't expecting. I kind of expected everyone to celebrate holidays the same way I do- that's the only way I know how to celebrate holidays. Everyone's homes are filled to the brim with traditions. We usually celebrate like our parents and the things that mean the most to us have the most history.

This is my sweet friend Aleesha's house:

What a great mantle! Those are homemade stockings :)

This is her favorite ornament. Her husband made it for her the first year they were married. Isn't that so sweet!?

This is the detailing on her tree skirt. 

Her tree smelled delicious!

She had evergreen branches used all over. They smelled so good!

Cute table runner. Don't poinsettias just remind you of the holidays?

Don't you love the colors in her kitchen?!

Her village piece was on her piano- mine, too! 

Come back every day this week and see more decor including my house!

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