Super Easy DIY gift- Scarf to Infinity Scarf and other DIY gifts

The last few years (at least) Target has had $5 jersey knit scarves on sale on Black Friday. I can't resist a cute scarf so I have quite a few. This year I also picked up a couple for some people on my gift list but I wanted to make them into infinity scarves. Here is a quick tutorial:

Infinity scarves are a tube of fabric in a loop. Here is how I achieved that from a purchased jersey knit scarf. If you want to make this from scratch the dimensions of the original scarf are 22"x 64"
1. Starting about 4 inches in, with right sides together, sew the length of the scarf, leaving about four inches at the bottom. Turn right side out.

2. With right sides together, sew the width (top and bottom) of the scarf together.
3. Straighten out the scarf and sew the open edge of the length shut with a slight seam allowance folded in.

 I love the look of an infinity scarf. I think they are fuller and just generally look better. 

Here are a couple other projects I made this holiday season:

New Baby hairbows
All the hairbows are referenced in one of these posts.
but mostly they come from this post

Plaster of Paris hands and feet in sand. I sealed them with some spray after I was done. It is in a jersey display frame. 
This one has been in the works since we went to the beach this summer as a family. This is all the grandkids (at the time)'s hands and foot prints. This one isn't quite done. It still needs names and ages and I might add a family picture in there.

What kind of homemade gifts are you making this year? 

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