Christmas Parade of Homes 2013: Day 3

My cute friend Kristen is sharing her decor with us today!

She always has the best wreaths!


 These are all handmade by her grandma

 Along the bottom of the picture you can see little glasses with pictures of the kids printed on vellum. They are votive candle holders. 
 What great chalk boards!
She said they make these hanging ornaments every year and it has become one of their favorite traditions. 

 This small tree is in remembrance of her grandmother who recently passed away. This is the little tree that she had with her ornaments on it. They added ornaments that she had made as well. What a great way to remember a loved one.

 These are some of her favorite ornaments. The soldier and lady were made by her father and painted by her mother.
 This is another of her favorites. These belonged to her grandmother as well. She has a few of these and they are music boxes. 

 Made by her dad!

 This is something that was hanging in her grandmother's house that the kids would hit as they went by. She hung it in her hallway as well and they continue the tradition. 
 Now this isn't a Christmas decoration but I was floored by this amazing piece of art. It is the Washington D.C. temple where they were married. Her brother painted it for them!

Something you can probably tell from this peek you got at my friend Kristen is that family is very important to her! I loved all the stories behind her decorations!

Come back tomorrow for even more Christmas decor!

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