Christmas Parade of Homes 2013: Day 2

Welcome back to day two of our parade of homes. Today you're getting a peak into my friend Kasey's house. She had 8 trees! 

Her daughter counted up the 8 trees and of course these topiaries counted! (1 and 2)

 Entrance and dining room: 

 Living room:

The "Winter Tree" (3)

Isn't this purple couch the best?! 

This is her favorite decoration in the house. It is a village with some of the pieces are Scrooge! Look it's on her piano, too! 
Look at that detail!

 Back deck:
Outside tree (4)

Kitchen tree (5)

 Don't you love how she has kitchen themed ornaments on her tree?!
I loved how Christmas touches every part of her home!

 Snowman salt and pepper shakers!

 Girls' tree (6) I loved this tree especially because I made that heart ornament in the middle of the picture when I was her Primary teacher :)
Oops this picture turned out blurry!
UNC playroom tree (7)

Boys' tree (8)

Phew! That's a lot of trees! I loved it all! Come back everyday for more Christmas decor inspirations in our parade of homes!

1 comment :

Jordan McCollum said...

Dickens village!

The Carolina tree makes my heart sad.

But both make me think of Grandma! Are you doing her house?!

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