Present Wrapping- A bridal shower gift

Have you noticed how present wrapping is a lost art form? My mom is amazing at wrapping presents. Her edges are crisp, her bows are homemade, and they are always color coordinated. I, like most people I know, way over use gift bags. I still try to make a cute card with a bow attaching it to the present but something is special about tearing open paper on a present.

I was recently invited to a bridal shower and I purchased a set of glasses for the bride. The box was perfect to be wrapped because it was nice and square. I looked through my paper stash with dismay as I realized I didn't have any wedding paper.

 I did have some neutral brown paper I think is so adorable so I opted for that. It has a subtle pinstripe that makes it a little fancier. I used a white satin ribbon and wrote "Congratulations" on the front. I used this tutorial for the congrats. I love doing this "fake" calligraphy and bust it out all the time! The paper folded great and was stiff enough it didn't tear or get any creases. I was so proud to bring that present :)

Do you enjoy wrapping presents?

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