Toddler Family Home Evening: Week 3

So I was looking on Pinterest for ideas for a Jonah and the Whale FHE. There were tons of ideas! I synthesized a few here.

Theme: Jonah and the Whale (found in Jonah 1-4) and obedience
Prep: Make cup whale, cut out fun foam fish and Jonah. To make the whale I cut out the bottom of the cup and I glued on some tulle/netting. I glued on fun foam fins and drew a face. Fill a shallow dish with water and place fish and Jonah in the water.  
Songs: Follow the Prophet-Jonah, Choose the Right Way, Choose the Right
  1. Watch movie here about Jonah and the Whale
  2. Discuss how Jonah didn't follow Heavenly Father's commandments and there were negative consequences- a storm and being swallowed by the great fish. 
  3. Play a game of scooping up the fish and Jonah with the whale. 
Treats: Here is a whale treat, or you could have Goldfish, or other fish candy ie Sweedish fish.

Last night as we were putting her to bed and she was being crazy so we reminded her about Jonah being disobedient she said "but der are no whales here." Touche

Do you have any good ideas for a toddler FHE? Would you like to submit your own lesson? We would love to hear from you!

Interested in more ideas? See here

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Just Jaime said...

Very cute! Love the whale! Looks like PB had a good time!

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