Fashion According to Me

Sorry I didn't post this in November like I originally planned! But I am finally here to answer the fashion questions!
The first question was about skinny legs and not as skinny middle:
Make sure you get pants that fit. The pocket should go on your bum. If the pockets go below the bum, it makes it look like you have absolutely no bum. That pretty much goes for any body shape as well. Skinny jeans probably wouldn't do your body type justice. Boot cut and regular flared jeans would probably be a better choice. In choosing pants, try them on.  When you try them on, sit down in them, move around, do whatever, you're in a dressing room, no one will see you jumping all over the small booth. If they pass the test, don't pass these up! Pants are something you will have to spend money on (ok maybe $200+ is excessive but $40 is a steal!) Expect them to change after washing them.
Find something that fits you, actually fits you. A fitted top works great. It will be comfortable and fit you right. Try finding tops that give you a nice waist. A wrap shirt is flattering on pretty much everyone. I just googled wrap shirt to make sure I got the term right and I wanted to buy at least 5 of the shirts I saw under images. Try to avoid billowy shirts. This can make you look much bigger on top and your legs skinny, skinny, skinny.
2nd question, Bums:
Ok you are just going to have to accept your tush whether big or small or just right, that's the one you have and you're going to have to put something on it unless well...I don't know. How do you make your bottom look good in pants? Like I said earlier, pocket placement does matter. Too low and it looks like you have no bum or a huge bum. Too high and that's pure mom jean status. Invest in a nice pair of comfy work-out/yoga pants or kapris the stretchy fitted kind. They're comfy and the clean line on your back side will be flatter. As for shorts, I  don't wear shorts shorter than the knee so I really am no expert. I think booty shorts are unflattering and not so classy so don't ask me about cut offs or booty shorts. The public doesn't need to see your goodies. Now, for the waistband. It should hit where the name is. If it's hip huggers it should hit your hip. I would say steer clear of anything that would induce an major muffin top/ overflow of flesh. Not flattering on anyone. Your waistband should also be a straight horizontal line. If it gapes or gaps or is a "v" when wearing a belt, these are not the pants for you. Seriously, test these pants out in the dressing room! This will save you money and uncomfortable times.Too tight and too short? Goodwill is a great home. This also goes for shirts, undershirts, sweaters, it all!
3rd question, what to do about comfy clothes:
I'm a fan of sweats. But that's not all I wear. Yoga pants or exercise pants are great but you don't need to wear them every day. It's ok to wear jeans when you're just staying at home all day. A comfy pair of jeans would work great. Maybe a pair of jeans that are worn out or have seen better days are good comfy jeans to wear around the house. If you know you're going out that day, get dressed that morning. Don't go from pj's to relaxed wear then change later. I've found that when I get up and get dressed I am more willing to not be lazy all day. It's ok to get dressed even though no one will see you. It's true, it's disappointing to get dressed or put on make up when it wasn't even worth it but hey, at least you aren't still in your pj's right?
4th question, layering and mixing prints:
I feel like my sister, Jaime, would be better at answering this question. I don't know why, I just do. She can comment if she has any more points. Layering different tops and cardigans and whatever should all be color coordinated. The colors should complement each other (ie warm colors, cool colors, complementary colors, etc.) Scarves and sweaters are great mixers. Buy a couple of these in a few different colors and styles and you can mix and match them with your shirts to make all sorts of combinations. Mixing prints is tricky. Most prints are unmixable (yay, new word!) If you want to wear a bold print, try layering with solid color items. This will complement the print and make it the focal point or pop.

Finally, unless you are a young child, leggings are NOT pants. This includes jeggings.


Tracy said...

Good tips :)
Well except the one about walking around all day in my yoga pants, lol

Just Jaime said...

I'm flattered! I think your tips are great. The best advice I can give is be confident and choose color combos that make you happy

Maranda said...

Amen to the booty shorts and the leggings not being pants! Great tips!

Restore and Renew said...

Great tips! I must add to the skinny jeans a leggings...... pyjama pants.

Heather Landry said...

I'm so with you on the leggings not being pants! Jeggings... shudder.

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