PJ Party

I didn't make a lot of my gifts like my girls did, but I did make lots of pj pants for the grandkids. There was so much fun flannel on sale, I just got overexcited!
Here is what I made:

That's right, 14 pairs of pants. I also  embroidered some T-shirts to wear with them for the older children.

Here's how they looked:

The red and green frogs were for Christmas Eve.

I have a tried and true pattern I have used for 6 years, but this year I bought a bigger size. Alas, it was not as easy as my old one. So... I taped the front and back leg pattern pieces together and got a pattern that looked something like this:

Overlap the seam allowances.

You have fewer seams and pieces this way, and the pants sew up very quickly. Cut two of the pattern, then sew each leg seam up to the crotch seam. (Finish the seam edges now, if desired.) Turn one leg right side out and tuck it inside the other leg. Right sides will be together. Sew the crotch seam and voila: the pants are formed! Ready for waist band and hemming!


Brave Brooke said...

PB loves them! I have contemplated her wearing the purple zebra as regular pants... :)

Tracy said...

I love jammie pants :)
not only are yours cute, but those grandbaby's are adorable.

Just Jaime said...

14 isn't a lot? I think it is! I love the variety. Of course, I love those babies.

Janel from NellieBellie said...

soft and cozy, the perfect Christmas Eve gift! I think I bought that same frog pattern this year too!

Katie@a mom, a wife, and a me said...

I heart snuggly PJ pants... and there is nothing cuter then kids running around in matching ones!

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