Gift guide: fast sewing projects

We have less than three weeks until Christmas, and if you're like me, you still have a lot of open slots on that gift list. (I don't know how it sneaks up on me every year!) So here are some quick sewing projects by the Wayward Girls to make the perfect gift ideas for your friends and family!

Jaime's got the definitive guide to converting a handbag to a camera bag:

And in a guest post on Creative Cowgirl, I gave some tips for making the fastest flannel crib sheets ever:

Brooke's got a bunch of these projects:
 made over from old T shirts!

Great for a new mom

Upcycle a freebie or buy a new one

And just recently, Brooke shared this cute hydrangea pillow:
You know, for someone who claims not to be very comfortable sewing, she sure seems to do it a lot. (Of course she jumps in—WAYWARD, hello?)

You know who's missing from this list? Our best seamstresses, Mom and Jasmine. Jasmine has shared a bunch of great sewing tips, though (and Mom's got some awesome quilting tips, too!).

What are you sewing for gifts this year?


Laura said...

I had missed some of these great ideas. Thanks! Off to Ross to find a flat bottom purse and humming Queen. ;)

Jordan McCollum said...

And you just became my new favorite person!

(They DO make my rockin world go round.)

Just Jaime said...

Lots of great gift ideas.

Anna said...

Great ideas! I will be featuring this tomorrow on Wow Me Wednesday!


Unknown said...

camera bag for my sister from an old purse, thank you!!

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