More Children's Christmas Ornaments

Here are two more ideas for you and your children to create. The first one is very easy. I did this once with one of the girl's classes at school. (Proof that it must be easy!) This craft would work for ages 3-8. The second one is for age 7 and up.

Stocking Ice Skate Ornaments

Red, green, and white  felt
Large Paper clips
Glue or glue gun

Create a pattern similar to the one shown below. Cut two out of red felt.

Cut a 1 inch strip of white felt long enough to wrap around the top of the stockings.
Cut holly leaves our of green felt. Use a hole punch to create holly berries.

Fold the red felt in half to create the stocking. Use craft glue or a glue gun to attach the yarn in the center of the stocking, between the layers of felt. Also glue the top shut. Wrap the white strip around the top of the stocking. Add the leaves and berries.

For the skate blades, slip the paper clips at the fold of the stockings.

Pom Pom Bears

Pom pom  1- 1.5" , 2- 1", 3- .5"
3 black seed beads
Festive fabric scrap (Enough to make a 3" circle)
Lace, ribbon, gold cording, tiny bells, scrap red felt
Fiber Fill Stuffing
Decorative button or ornament
Glue or glue gun

Cut a 3" circle of fabric. Baste around the edge. Gather and stuff. Tie shut with basting threads.
Glue lace around the top to look like a collar, then glue the 1.5" pom pom on the fabric ball. In order to get good adherence, try to spread out the fuzzy part of the pom pom as if you are trying to find the center. Glue that surface down.
Use the 1" pom poms for arms and the smaller ones or the ears and nose. Use beads for eyes and nose and a tiny scrap of red for a mouth just under the nose. Spread the fur on the top of the head and insert the cording to create a hook.

Add a bow and bells to the head and the ornament in the bear's hands. Done!


Kristin said...

Love the stocking ice skate ornaments! Very creative.

Just Jaime said...

These are classics!

Jordan McCollum said...

The kids were intrigued by the ice skates this year. They really loved hearing about what our ornaments represent, or how I made them, while we trimmed the tree this year.

We're going to need a bigger tree soon ;) .

Tracy said...

Both of these projects are so cute.
I really like the ice skates :)

Brave Brooke said...

They're awesome because my mom is!

Emily Thompson said...

so cute! I'd like to invite you over to my Ornament link party and neat giveaway. Hope you can come check it out!

Maranda said...

Too cute!!

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