Top 10 Posts of 2011

Since today's the last day of 2011, we thought we'd share our favorite posts from this year. Since we've only been blogging since April 2011, these posts are our favorite of all time =)

Mom/Diana is up first, since she's always last =)

Mom said I think the pillow turned out really well...not wayward at all.
WGC said: She's totally right! This pillow looks so pretty and totally a part of the bedroom set.

Mom said: Mrs. Pigg loved it!
WGC said: We just think this quilt is so adorable! Mom showed us how to curl grosgrain ribbon and use freezer paper applique in this quilt. 

Next we have Jasmine's favorites:

Jasmine said: My love for Harry Potter lead me to make my very own HP craft
WGC said: We all really love Harry Potter. I'm not sure who loves HP the most--Probably Jasmine since she did an HP craft!

Jasmine said: This was so fun to make with Brooke! 
WGC said: Those popcorn kernels are so cute! What a clever idea for all those movie tickets we all save. 

Brave Brooke's two favorites are:

Brooke saidThe reason I love this post so much because I literally use this everyday. It has made getting out the door, which is sometimes the hardest thing, that much easier. People ask me about it everywhere I go and I'm proud that I made it.
WGC said: This may be one of the most useful sewing projects from our blog!

Brooke saidI liked this post because I felt confident wearing these shirts and they were super simple. I think twice about throwing out clothes now!
WGC said: Man for someone who says they're a sewing novice, Brooke sure does a lot of sewing! And she's good at it too!

Just Jaime's two favorites are here:

Jaime said: I loved this shower. It was my first time throwing one and I put all I had into it. I LOVED what we (me, Brooke, my mom, and my best friend) created!
WGC said: There is so much to see in this post! That's a lot of hard work!

Jaime said: I love this chair. I love the deal I got on the fabric, and I loved working on it with my friend, Anne. It makes me happy when I look at it and sit on it.
WGC said: Yay for crafty friends and staple guns!

Finally, we have Jordan's two favorite crafts from 2011:

Jordan said: Because they were really tasty! I was quite proud of them
WGC said: Um, we'd like a bite!!

Jordan said: I was really proud of how this came out. It's been very useful for our family.
WGC said: This is so impressive! Couldn't we all use a command center?!

Thank you all so much for a successful 2011! We are so thankful for our followers, the comments and for the fun we've had on this blog. We look forward to 2012 and lots more projects! 


Tracy said...

Such pretty and fun projects :)
Wishing all the Wayward girls a Happy New Year :)

Janel from NellieBellie said...

The Harry Potter puppets...too funny!
And I have a sheet metal wall in my kitchen just like it!

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