Craft-A-Palooza: Shaving Cream Painting

This is my last Craft-A-Palooza! How sad. This one is very fun for both you and the kids. I got this idea from Little Wonders' Days. You need shaving cream, paint and card stock.
On a plate or a pan, get a nice layer of shaving cream. Smooth it out with a spoon or other utensil. Now here's the fun part.
Add some acrylic paint (any color and amount will do) and swirl it into the shaving cream. You don't need to do this too deep into the shaving cream. The marbleized it looks, the cooler you paper will turn out.
Now taking card stock or any sturdy paper, press it down into the paint and shaving cream design then pull it up carefully. Let it stand for a minute or so.
Next, using another piece of paper or squeegee, remove the paint and shaving cream.
 Your paper should now be tye dyed and ready for you to cut out fun shapes and patterns!

Wayward Tip: So I learned the hard way not to cut out the shapes and then dip your paper. I also learned when you are scraping off the excess paint and shaving cream, do it on one movement and in one direction. Also, use something bigger than the paper you are removing the extra off of...


Just Jaime said...

Good tips. We know I love playing with shaving cream!

Tracy said...

I have seen this before, but I haven't tried it. Looks like a fun project :)

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