How NOT to Paint Your Front Door Black

This was so wayward that I wished that I could just throw it away but I couldn't because it was my front door. It took me three long days to finish and I was so grateful to be done! Here is what not to do:

Day1: I painted two coats of  regular latex paint on the door. It is black paint. It got hot in the sun. We live in the humid south. It never cured.

Day 2: I could scrap the paint off with my finger. So I got my husband to take it back off the hinges and I tried to strip the paint off. I ran out of paint stripper and motivation but I had no front door on my house. My husband had left for work. I called my sister-in-law who comes to my rescue with left over primer. She can't stay long because it's her ANNIVERSARY which I had totally spaced. We open the primer and it is dried up with no saving it. I go to the store to buy spray paint. She took her kids and PB and went to her house while I spray painted my door with this but had not scraped all the latex off.

Day 3: Unhappy with unevenness of the gloss and you could see the old latex. Scraped all the latex off, sanded with steel wool and painted it with this and FINALLY I was happy.  I did about 7 coats and did it in the shade. My wrist ached for days because of all the scraping, sanding, and painting.


The before can be seen in this post. It was just plain white from the factory. Now I can't believe I let it go naked for so long!

Wreath tutorial to come next week!


Unknown said...

My husband is a door/hardware sales & tech. He won't let me paint our front door black because he says it will warp from all the sun on the front of the house. :( I tell him, "but everyone I know has a black front door," and he says, "And I bet all of them have warping and don't even know it!" So then I say, "I don't care if it warps! At least it'll be pretty." LOL. I love your door. And I'm completely jealous.

Just Jaime said...

Great job, esp. after all that hard work!

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

It looks great! My front door is still the primed white that it was when I bought it.....10 years ago!!! I really need to just pick a color, bite the bullet and paint it! Thanks for sharing and giving me some courage!

Sandie said...

Just beautiful. Now I want a new door. LOL

Tracy said...

For what its worth, it turned out awesome.
I painted my front door a nice burgundy red ;)

Heather Landry said...

I'm sorry that you had so many problems with it, but the finished product is absolutely beautiful. Very classy!

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