More kitchen makeovers!

So my husband went out of town for a couple days last week with our church youth group, and I took advantage of that time to add something else to our recent kitchen ceiling makeover: new cabinets!

I used Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations, and I was really excited by the initial results. I loved that the grain is supposed to show through with oak cabinets.

But now that I see them up close, I'm not quite as thrilled.

Yeeeah, I wasn't so much going for the "antiquey" look as my cousin generously described it.

Did I mention my husband was out of town? And I have three kids 6 and under? Yeeeah. I'm insane.

My kids spent a bunch of time in front of the TV while I was working on these (don't worry, we also hit the splash pad, the dentist and the store, so they weren't totally neglected). I really did work around the clock: the first night I was up until 3 AM, the second night I was up until 2, then woke up before 6 to put the final coat of protective cover on.

I got two doors up before DH got home, but was too discouraged & exhausted to finish at that point. When he got home, he helped tighten the hinge screws and hang the other 15 doors. It was a lot easier with his help!

I also bought new handles, which w love (but then found cheaper at Home Depot. CURSES), and spray painted the old hinges (probably should have just sprung for new ones).

The approximate numbers:
Cabinet kit: $75
Miscellaneous supplies (drop cloth, brushes, spray paint, etc): $35
New hardware: $100 (for all 50 cabinets)
Time from start to finish: ~48 hrs

I'll try another coat of the "bond coat" for touch up, but right now I kind of feel like this:

My tips? Paint in a VERY well lit area and paint THOROUGHLY.


Just Jaime said...

WOW what a transformation. Seriously! Great job! I'm sorry it's not as great close up. Are you planning on doing anything else?

Heather Landry said...

I think they look great and you are SO brave for undertaking such a huge project while your husband was out of town.

Diana said...

Wow! They look great. Good job.

Tracy said...

They look great!!!!
I do things like that as well, when I want something done, I want it done now, lol.
Too funny about the video....loved that movie :)

The Kim Six Fix said...

As someone who also just painted her cabinets, and with 2 kids under 6.. I totally feel you pain and appreciate how much work it was! I also completely understand the feeling of ecstasy when it was over! (Plus since I have girls, the Tangled reference hits even more close to home!) ha! Here are mine after I finished the whole kitchen..

nice job! High five!!

the cape on the corner said...

that looks great, and makes such a huge difference in your space! great job, and great job juggling that and kiddos!

Melissa Coleman said...

It makes a HUGE difference, they really are looking great. If you don't love how they look up close don't fret it's just paint so touch ups are ok too. :) and kudos for doing it by yourself while hubby was away and with the kiddos to tend to.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! Nothing makes a kitchen makeover like painted cabinets. I have never been brave enough to do it! You did awesome! I'd love for you to join my linky party sometime. It's Tuesday Twirl & Take a Bow. All things home decor and design, etc. Stop by sometime.

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