DIY Wallpaper Removal

When we did my bedroom redo we bought a wallpaper remover. It was pretty quick and easy. I just had a border around the top of my walls. We decided to redo our dining room at home. While my mom was at work and I was at home bored I decided to start tackling the wallpaper in there. We had covered half the wall many, many years ago in wallpaper. It was a pretty simple task but after spraying the bottom half of 4 walls my hand was very tired! While peeling off wallpaper, I found it best to start at the corner of the wallpaper or a seam. Sometimes a little scraping was needed to get under the slicked down edges but the wallpaper came off easily and in under 2 hours we were done. After, we washed the walls of any excess remover.



Diana said...

This was a great surprise. Thanks Jasmine!

Jordan McCollum said...

Nice! Can't wait to see what you'll do with the dining room!

We had the wallpaper from Hades, applied on textured walls, in two bedrooms. After perforating and spraying, we were only able to remove the top layer of wall paper. Stronger and stronger chemicals didn't do anything to the paper backing layer, which was apparently applied with rubber cement.

(Slight exaggeration.)

We ended up having to scrape off nearly every square inch. The floor of the room looked like a hamster cage for a loooong time. (Remember that?)

Our bedroom? Three walls (of 8) of grass paper. (You have to take off the grass first, and then the paper backing, but the texture in our bedroom is much lower so it came off better.)

Tracy said...

I hate taking off wall paper, thats why I never use it, lol.

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