Olympic Gold Medals

Did you know that the Paralympics start today? 

Right before the start of the Olympics at the end of July we had an activity with our 8-11 year old girls at church, celebrating the games. Since it was also close to Pioneer Day we did Pioneer Olympics. We made whirligigs, did a stick pull, and jumped rope. Afterward we also had a medaling ceremony. I made clay medals for each of our girls. It took a while since we have over 20!

Here is how they turned out:
FIGs is the name of the organization
I made them out of gold Sculpey. Each medal was about 3/4 of a block. So each package made 5 medals. I kneaded the dough and flattened it into a round shape. I used the first one as an approximate size for each of the other ones. I used clear stamps to add the words and a flower at the bottom. I made a hole with a straw at the top and got some cute red polka-dotted ribbon. With permanent marker I wrote the date and activity on the back.

How did you (or will be) celebrate the games?


Tracy said...

This sounds like a fun activity :)
I am sure they had a lot of fun.

Diana said...

You are a sculpty queen!

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