Christmas in a Box

November marks 6 years of marriage for me and my hubby! In 6 years, we’ve spent a few Christmases at home. Those years are always tougher for me. I miss my family a lot, especially during the holidays. That’s where I came up with my holidays in a box idea!

This package is meant to make your loved one feel more connected to the holiday traditions you have at home.


Inside my box:
  • Ornament from my family’s Christmas tree. We always trimmed the tree together and a major tradition was getting a new ornament every year in our stocking. As we grew, our ornament changed from Cookie Monster, to the Little Mermaid, to my preoccupation with kissing boys. The one in this box is Justin Beiber.
  • Sugar cookie mix and cookie cutters. It's just not Christmas without sugar cookies and icing at our house. We have a tradition of making them...ugly. Check it out.
  • Letter to Santa. We wrote letters to Santa way longer than we should have. So I thought it'd be fun to have a Mad Libs type letter to set out with the cookies. Here's an idea
  • Christmas Eve pajamas. We got to open one present each year on Christmas Eve. Inevitably it would be matching pajamas. Then we take a million pictures. 
  • Biblical passages of Christ’s birth and quotes about Christmas. Christmas isn't complete without reading the nativity story. Great way to remember the reason we celebrate.
  • Two Christmas Movies. I love Christmas movies! Elf and the Polar Express are the ones I've included. Both faves at my house.
  • Christmas socks. I love festive socks, so I had to include a pair.


There you have it! How to send a little Christmas tradition anywhere!

Merry Christmas!


Maranda said...

I LOVE this!! You're so creative. Well obviously. What a fun package!

Mary Pat Siehl said...

just perfect

Unknown said...

This is such a great idea! LOVE it!

Laura said...

You have thought of a lot to bring back those family Christmas traditions.

Jasmine said...

you forgot that there was a Justin Bieber ornament!!

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