Paper Snowflakes

Taking a break from wedding posts...that you all don't comment on. Mmhmm I noticed. When you were little did you ever cut out a snowflake and it not turn out so well? Yeah well that still happened to me when I was not so little. I decided I was going to make snowflakes and make dang pretty ones yesterday so I used the Google machine to help me out and Pinterest. I found this pin and decided to go for it. Well still didn't look as pretty as the pattern! So then I asked Mr. Google how to fold a darn snowflake correctly. Turns out I had been doing it wrong all this time.

So here's how to do it:

Start with a square piece of paper.
Fold it in half diagonally.
Now fold it in half diagonally again.
Here's the tricky part that I have to do a couple times. Fold both sides into each other so the outside of the side matches the new fold. It's going to look like a triangle with tails. Make sure that the sides match and aren't overlapping. This is kind of hard to explain. Hopefully I didn't lose you!
Now cut off the tails.
Here's where the fun begins. Draw whatever pattern you want or follow a pattern you found.
Then cut out the pattern. I recommend not using the tips of the scissors since this is several layers of paper and it might be too thick for the tip. I cut as high as felt comfortable on the scissors blades. This gives you more control and power to cut through the layers.
And unfold!

Here's an example of when you fold it only in half twice on the diagonal and not doing the final two folds vs the fold explained above:
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Kristen said...

Nice snowflakes! I may have to keep this handy. I was trying to show my son and my niece how to make them but mine weren't as nice as yours

Laura said...

I have never been able to do very pretty snowflakes either, but this looks so easy and the result is beautiful.

Just Jaime said...

NICE snowflakes!

Maranda said...

I'm definitely doing this. Probably today. Thanks! And I do enjoy your wedding posts, sorry you haven't gotten comments. The flowers looked beautiful!

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