Jaime Approved HOLIDAY Baking

This year I made three of my favorite things for gifts for my co workers:

Oreo truffles. About 80 of them!

A crowd favorite. I have been assigned to make these at Jasmine's wedding (in 10 days!)

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Puddle cups.

I made these for Thanksgiving last year. Weird contribution but it does not matter because they were amazing.

Three Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies, only I left out the chocolate chips.

I wanted one thing to not have chocolate. We made homemade pumpkin pie spice to go in them too!

And for my flop:

Don't these look amazing? Well I would suggest you have a real doughnut pan to make them. I was at my aunt's and using a plug in doughnut maker and it just didn't work. Then we tried to fry them. And that didn't work. So I made the pumpkin cookies instead. Next year I'll have that doughnut pan!

Now for my tips:

Make sure the treat boxes you buy are big enough! I accidentally bought tiny boxes so I have to pair the box with a plate. I ended up putting the Oreo truffles in a mini cupcake liner and then in the box.

Tiny boxes make me weep
Plan ahead! I did plan ahead but I didn't count on the doughnuts not working out and had to scramble with the pumpkin cookies at the last minute.

Make sure you don't save your baking until the last minue. Because you just may end up boxing treats until 10:30 pm.


Mary Pat Siehl said...

Oh my everything looks so yummy

Unknown said...

They all look amazing!

Lisa said...

These all look great! If I made them, I probably wouldn't have very many left to give because I would eat them all!

Kristen said...

Those peanut butter chocolate ones are making me hungry!

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