Guest Post: Blissful Bucket List

So happy to have Sarah here today! What a cute craft she's sharing! Thanks for guest posting!

Hi Everyone!!! I'm Sarah, the gal behind Blissful Bucket List.  
I am trying to contain my excitement, but I am not sure how well that will work.
I am so thrilled that Just Jaime asked me to do a guest post here at Wayward Girls Crafts.
(Love them by the way. How can you not?!)

Jaime and I have known each other for a long time.
When she did a guest post on my blog she threatened to pull out old pictures of us
However, she couldn't find them.
And lucky for her...I can't find them either. Haha!
Over at my blog, Blissful Bucket List,
I share many Pinterest Projects that I have successfully conquered (er...sometimes failed)
as I cross them off my creative 'bucket list'.
We are talking crafts, photography, recipes, fashion... a little bit of everything!
For the month of December I am doing a series called
25 Pinterest Posts/Projects Til Christmas
So, it is only natural that my post today will be centered around a Christmas idea.
My goal this Christmas has been to try out DIY Ornaments.
Last week I shared a super cute DIY Snowman Ornament
and I specifically saved this awesome Grinch one to share with y'all....

In The Making:
Supplies - green glitter, yellow, red, and black paint pens, green fluff, and Pledge Floor Care Finishing, clear plastic ornament

1. Take the plain ornament and pour the Pledge into the ornament - just enough to swirl around the inside. Swirl liquid so that the entire inside gets covered. Pour extra liquid into sink.
*Do not shake the liquid in the ornament because it will cause bubbles.
2. QUICKLY pour green glitter into ornament and shake. You want to do this fast before the Pledge dries.  Continue to shake green glitter in ornament until the entire inside is coated.
3. Let ornaments dry for a day before you begin to decorate.
4. Draw Grinch face onto ornament with paint pens.
5. Use a hot glue gun to stick the green fluff into the top of the ornament.
6. Hang on tree and Enjoy!
Short and Simple crafts...thats what I do!
It was such a pleasure to be here with you and The Wayward Girls!
Hope to share with you again sometime soon!!
And Happy Holidays!

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Jasmine said...

I love it! Simple, fun and super cute!

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