Chapstick Valentine made with Silhouette Cameo

I have a little tradition for the month of February.


 I call it the Month of Love and try to leave little notes or treats for my husband every day. I love to hide them in places he'll find later. It's not too hard to do, especially if you write up the notes in advance. Some places I love to leave notes are:
  • His bathroom drawer
  • His wallet
  • His briefcase/backpack
  • His suit pocket
  • His running shoes
  • His pillow case
  • The bathroom mirror
  • His car
  • Inside his huge headphones
  • On his keyboard
  • In a book he's reading or one we're reading together (Like The Book of Mormon)
  • By his hobby supplies
  • In his clothing drawers
  • On his computer screen/in his laptop
This year I had an idea for a Valentine plus a treat. I used my Silhouette to design this:


The inside looks like this!


(Font: Princess Muffin. Heart from "9 Hearts" purchased in Silhouette store)

I am in LOVE!


 Happy Valentine's Day!


Brave Brooke said...

That's a great idea! We decorated for Valentine's day today so I could encourage myself to actually make valentines this year! Great job!

Diana said...

This is very creative and cute. Way to go jails!

Jasmine said...

oh la la!!

Laura said...

I like the list of places to put notes and such. Bigbad and I will be separated for Valentine's this year, and I think putting notes in his suitcase and some other locations will be sweet.

carla thorup said...

this is cute! and who doesn't need new chapstick?

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