Grandbaby = Quilt time

About two weeks ago, I had a happy epiphany. Since Jordan is having a baby, I get to make a quilt! Somehow with all the hustle and bustle of the past few months, that had completely escaped my mind.

I made up my own patterns for 3 of the 4 quilts I have made for my grandchildren. The other pattern was from a website. I decided to try some quilt books from the library this time. I checked out one by Alex Anderson called Baby Quilts with Love. I selected several patterns and showed them to Jordan. She liked one  called Baby Crackers and asked for some yellow in it.

That sounded easy enough, but when I got to the quilt shop, I was stymied. There wasn't any tone on tone yellow. I ultimately settled on a solid yellow. Then for the prints. I was lured in by some batiks and used them to select my fabrics. I made my purchase, but something the lovely teenager (she was so nice!) said made me question my choices. "I love it when baby quilts are made from nontraditional baby fabrics."  Hmmmm. Is is baby enough???

I actually found some tone-on-tone yellow that I had used in Jordan's wedding quilt and used it in place of teh solid. I like the quilt, but I am concerned it isn't juvenile. What do you think?
I will add some borders, but this is the main part of it. I thought I would do a pieced backing with more traditional fabrics.

Update from last week. These are the cards I made for my girls. (Brooke don't look! I haven't given you yours yet.) I was in the weaving heart mood, so I needed to figure out the message. The scriptures always have the answer! "Hearts knit" as one is a theme of many verses about unity. What a great message (and it was related to the weaving!)


Just Jaime said...

I like the quilt. I wouldn't worry about it being baby enough. It is beautiful! I loved my Valentine :)

Jordan McCollum said...

I love the quilt! It took my breath away. The batiks are beautiful.

And thanks for the valentines.

Jordan McCollum said...

I just came across this pattern done in only two colors. It made some really neat effects!

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