Organization While Planning

Planning the wedding was not the easiest but it surely contained a lot of lists. I didn't really know where to begin in the whole planning thing so I went online to try to find some checklists. Members of the Latter-day Saint faith typically have shorter engagements than those who are not members which means there's a whole lot to do in a little amount of time. Luckily, this is something that happens quite frequently and I was able to find a 4 month engagement checklist for an LDS bride online; they also have 6 months. (Click here for direct link) This was a good starting point. I wrote on it dates, who was helping with what, who was doing what (photographer, dresses, etc) all that jazz. Then, one week for Family Home Evening, we had a planning session with Brooke included.
 We wrote down all the things that needed to be done from fixing the flooring in the kitchen to flowers to getting my hair done. It was a very full list. And then we assigned dates we would like for things to be done like getting the announcements out by Thanksgiving. So things were on the schedule! This also helped reduce some anxiety by having things laid out and clear as to when they needed to be done. Then, I took a white board I found in my closet and divided it up into 18 weeks...the exact time to when the wedding would be. It was crazy! I wrote down all the important dates in specific colors. Blue was wedding plans, dark orange was home improvements, and pink was random things not exactly related to the wedding. Every Saturday I would fill out the major things I needed or wanted to get done or start doing. It was nice to keep this up and helped me keep in perspective what I needed to do weekly.

(the photo was instagramed, I promise it's a white board not dingy! And oh my, oh my I just realized I put the apostrophe in the wrong spot. How could I???)


Just Jaime said...

Great tips for planning!

Cindy said...

I'm so impressed. The next time I have a wedding to be planned I'm hiring you guys!

Jordan McCollum said...

LOL, Cindy, if you weren't a friend, I don't think you could afford us ;) .

Actually, I've never been involved in the planning, so this is cool to see.

I was thinking about this the other day, because in the novel I'm working on, the characters are only engaged for like 10-11 weeks. (They're LDS.) And I was like, "Is that even realistic?"

Then I remembered: I was engaged for 12.5 weeks, and 2000 miles away for most of it. So yeah. Mom endured a trial-by-fire of wedding planning, LOL.

Diana said...

Yep! And was I ever glad we had a firm plan when we all got sick. In spite of that everything turned out exactly how we wanted it to if not better!

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