Mix and Match Animal Book

This is a fun activity to make with or for your children. I was thumbing through some craft books (specifically Step-by-Step Crafts for Children published by Kingfisher) and saw this idea. I simplified it a little, but the sky is the limit.

First I found some free clipart pictures of animals. I selected ones of similar sizes.

 Next I cut each one to the same size. (I chose 5" squares.)

I glued each picture to colorful cardstock that was a little larger than the pictures. Then I cut the pictures in half as shown here.
.I stapled the pictures inside the cover and then used a type of duct tape to cover the staples.

This would be very fun to do with family photographs or with pictures the children color.
Have fun!

1 comment :

Just Jaime said...

Cute! I love the animals you found!

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