Blue's Clues Party- contd.

Today I'm super excited to show you PB's cute shirt as well as how I only paid $6.51 for favors for 10 kids and how I incorporated the Blue's Clues theme into our food.

A couple nights before the party I went a little crazy with the puff paints as you can see here and with PB's t-shirt. I first went to buy it at Michael's and they were $6 and sold out. I went over to Target and got a toddler boys shirt for $4. They didn't have any girl's shirts without a picture on the front.
Seriously, could this kid get any cuter? Maybe I'm biased :)
 I did an online search for "Blue's Clue's birthday coloring pages." I found this image and printed it out. I put a piece of stiff cardboard and the image inside of the shirt. I had a bit of a hard time seeing through the shirt but I outlined using the puff paints and used a small paintbrush to fill in the larger areas. I had a color copy of Blue on hand to I could make sure that I was using the right colors and getting the details right.
For the back I free handed the outline and again filled it in with a tiny paintbrush.

I couldn't have been more happy with how these favors turned out. I first went to the Dollar Store and bought two bags of bubble gum and 4 3-packs of bubbles.

For the bubble gum I counted how many pieces I had and divided it by 10. I got 10 snack bags and filled them.

 I got all of the air out the bags as I sealed them. I cut 10 pieces of 3.5"X 3.5" and folded them in half. I took each bag and folded it in half width-wise.
I slipped the folded piece of paper over the top and stapled the left and right side. I labeled each bag with a child's name.

For the bubbles I measured how big of a label I needed to cover. I went into my photo editing software and whipped up these beauties.
Feel free to add your child's name and use these! I took PB's name off so you could easily do so!
I cut them out and taped them onto the bubbles.

In total:
2 bags of bubble gum $2
3 1/3 packs of bubbles: $3.33
2 color copies: $.1.18
Total: $6.51 or $0.65 per favor :)


Since Blue is well Blue I decided to make our food have a blue twist. We had blue raspberry lemonade.

We had blue licorice (thank you Dollar Store for carrying blue candy).

We had blue speckled cupcakes with blue and white polka dotted cupcake liners.
I know that Funfetti cake is just cake with sprinkles so I bought blue sprinkles and added them to the cake. 
If you have watched the show a many times as we have you know that Steve loves anything banana-flavored. In one episode them make banana muffins and he gets super excited. I made some from scratch and labeled them as such.

I also served fruit, veggies, chips, and mini pizzas. The mini pizzas we let everyone make for themselves. We had BBQ chicken and regular pepperoni. There is no need to let people make them for themselves. Almost everyone wanted pepperoni, a couple wanted plain cheese, a some wanted BBQ.

Check out the invitation and more fun details about the party!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and this inspired you with ideas on how to have a simple show-themed kids party! 

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Just Jaime said...

The shirt is just adorable! I love the attention to detail on the food!

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