Maternity Silhouette with a Point and Shoot

So have you seen this gorgeous picture on Pinterest?

Well there are tons of pictures very similar as well. The other day I had my personal photographer (my very patient husband :) ) to snap a few pictures before I had the baby. I remembered this picture and played around with the settings on the camera. Eventually it was super easy to recreate.

Here are the steps that I took:

  1. Start with being back lit and diffused the light with sheers across the windows. These were taken around 2 PM in my bedroom
  2. Wore form fitting clothing that showed off my belly
  3. Stood on a step stool so my whole body was silhouetted. 
  4. Used Av mode (aperture priority) and turned the F# to the lowest number. 
I did some super light editing to soften the edges and adjusting the contrast. 

I'm not a professional photographer (obviously since I don't even have an SLR) but this is what worked for me! I would love to see what worked for you. The best pictures of the whole series I think would be the ones of my husband modeling for me while I adjusted the settings on the camera but I think he would be very embarrassed if he saw I posted them :)

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