Our Past Halloween Costumes

I have to admit I look forward to dressing up for the church trunk r' treat well in advance each year. I've had our costumes for this year picked out for at least a couple months. Stay tuned for those next week!

In the past we have had some great costumes. Do you remember these?

Jessie, Andy, Woody, and Buzz

Flintstones: Wilma, Fred, and Pebbles

Goodness! Seeing my hair orange in those last pictures makes me remember the 5 washing (scrubbings) it took to get all the orange out! Are you guys excited to see this year's costumes? We have two new little ones to add to the mix. This year our family is going as a current event.

What are you going as? Jordan put together an awesome list on her personal blog of costume ideas. Check it out here.

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