Fall Decor

For the past three year I have shared with you guys my fall mantle (both can be seen here) and I feel like each year it gets better. This year I decided to add a bit more of that lovely fall feel to my autumn decorations with some burlap.

I've had this burlap for quite some time. They sell burlap in many different shades. I'm not sure what you're supposed to do with burlap but it's very stinky so when I got it home I washed it delicately in a bucket with some soap and then rinsed it. A good amount of dye came out (but I don't feel like it changed the color of the fabric) and so did the majority of the smell.

I added the burlap in two places. I used some vases and cut pieces about 4" wide x the circumference. I glued them on the back and wrapped some twine around about 10 times. I made a bow and glued it onto the side.

I also added the burlap as a table runner on both surfaces. I love the texture and richness the burlap adds.

How are you decorating for fall? 


Unknown said...

Your mantle is LOVELY! :) Fall is DEFINITELY one of my favorite seasons if not THE favorite. I also added burlap to my Autumn decor this year. Check my blog post! Keep up the crafting! I love viewing all of your ideas!


Jordan McCollum said...

Gorgeous, Brooke!

I guess you're "supposed" to make burlap into sacks. I can't imagine what else you'd want it for . . . a hairshirt? ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairshirt )

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