What Brave Brooke Has Been Up To

First of all I want to thank all of our readers from the bottom of my heart. You all are so loyal! You stuck around when the times got hard for us! So I was waiting to make this announcement and I never did but this is what I've been up to:

I was growing a baby ;)

Do you ever go through times in your life that you are just solitary? In the past year (mostly since moving) I feel like I have been regrouping. I didn't leave the house often and I just stayed inside and parented my 2 year-old and was happy with my life until I realized that I had become a turtle. Do you feel a little offended I didn't share my big news with you? Well I didn't share it with very many people until I was already half way done. Honestly, this pregnancy didn't come when we planned and I was bitter so I just kept it to myself and yet again retracted into the comfort of solitude. I was even quiet in my virtual life so please don't be offended. I just needed time. About 6 weeks ago I felt like I left my shell behind. I sought out friends and I tried to serve others and I started doing old hobbies again. It almost feels like a waste though, since after having the baby and the tail spin they put you through I will need to regroup again but for these two months I felt so alive and I needed that to recharge myself before retreating again (at least in my personal life. I won't put you through the silence again!)

Like I said, thank you for sticking around and thank you for your understanding. I am so excited to start this new direction for the blog. I feel this is a true reflection of my life and I hope you enjoy!


Laura said...

Congratulations! You look glowing in your photo above. I do the retreating thing too sometimes. I like to feel sure and secure, and being by myself helps with that. But I also know that I do better mentally if I'm forced to socialize a bit more.

Diana said...

We hope for more exciting announcements very soon!

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