2013 Costumes- The Royal Family

As I said last week we ( I ) decided to go as a current event. 

Can you tell who we are?
I'll give you a hint:


We took a little bit of artistic liberty with the Queen's outfit. It seriously would have been awesome if I had made a little business suit with a skirt like the queen usually wears but I couldn't justify making that. This dress would go in the dress up bin and skirt suit? No. PB wore that wig for exactly 5 minutes and I have carried it around two parties hoping she would put it on again. It is all for the pictures, right?

For the queen's costume I used a pattern to make the dress and got one yard of red ribbon and a large medallion. She had on a pair of pearls as well as the wig and a crown and we were set.

For my dress I used a pattern as well. It is light blue with polka dots which doesn't really show in the pictures.
Here are the patterns I used. In size 14 for the womens and 2T for the girls.
For Prince George we used a white blanket of course and our sweet new baby had on warm and fuzzy Halloween PJs on under.

For Prince William he just had all those clothes in his closet. Lucky!

As my niece was taking pictures for us we decided that this background was too busy but I just couldn't resist posting this one because of PBs face. Priceless!!

This isn't the first time we dressed our baby girls up as a boy/man for Halloween. It's a good thing they're little :)

Kate Middleton is seriously my style icon. Did you see what she wore to George's christening? and how skinny she already is? Seriously gorgeous! Don't you wish you could pull that hat off?

Did you see the post from last week about all of our past costumes? Do you have a fav?
What did you or your kids dress up as, for Halloween?


Kristen said...

Awesome costume idea!

Just Jaime said...

I love the way this turned out. The queen is my favorite, of course =)

Laura said...

How funny! This was great and so timely. Love it.

Jordan McCollum said...

I just want to make a note here. You dressed up a baby girl as Prince George. At the bottom, Prince George is wearing a beautiful christening gown.

That is all.

(Do you follow Kate much? I think I've mentioned my fave royal style blog: http://orderofsplendor.blogspot.com/ . Almost weekly roundups of her style & appearances. I think my fave style-wise is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Except Queen Máxima for jewels. Can't beat her.)

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