The Mommy Magic Kit (+ Giveaway!)

Some moms have it all together. Seriously. I don't know how they do it--but I think I might be able to cheat to look like one of them now that I've put together a Mommy Magic Kit.

What's a Mommy Magic Kit?

It's like a First-Aid Kit, only instead of (well, in addition to) patching up bumps and bruises, this kit has you covered for most of the chaos that ensues on any given day in the life of a mom. Most importantly, it's small enough to toss in a purse or diaper bag, so you're always "armed."

What's in it?

The MMK is still a WIP (work in progress), but here's what I came up with as the foundation:

Shown here:
  • Wipes for messes
  • Stain removing pen for food messes
  • Hand sanitizer because . . . duh!
  • Sewing kit for wardrobe malfunctions
  • Nail clippers for hangnails and other grooming problems
  • Snacks such as dried fruit for low blood sugar grumpiness (from kids or Mom!)
  • Treats such as hard candy for incentives
  • Band-Aids for boo boos (okay, not so much shown as sitting right behind me! Agh!)
  • Comb or brush & backup hair ties for those rushed mornings
  • Carrying case to keep it all together, just like you will ;)

Other ideas not shown here:
  • Tissues for dry messes
  • Cash for emergency fast food without the guilt (well, at least the credit card kind)
  • Extra safety pins because they're awesome
  • Spare diapers
  • Plastic grocery bag for dirty diapers or clothes

Who doesn't want to be prepared for any situation? Well, guess what--you can be, because in honor of our relaunch, we're giving away a Mommy Magic Kit!

The prize package includes everything you see above (plus 20 Band-Aids), except I've only included the hard candy I could fit in the bag.

How to enter

1. Leave a comment on this post! You can tell us about a situation where an MMK would have saved you, or suggest something to go in your MMK

2. For extra entries, share this post on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or somewhere else on the Internet, and leave a link in another comment. ONE COMMENT PER ENTRY, and ONE ENTRY PER COMMENT. (So, if you comment, post on Facebook and Tweet about it, leave three separate comments to receive three separate entries. Trust us, it's a lot easier this way!)

3. All qualifying comments must be made by 11:59 PM MDT October 10, 2013.

4. Winner will be chosen at random and announced here on October 11, 2013. If you wish to be contacted via email should you win, please leave your email address in your comment or your Blogger profile.

Rules & Regulations

Winner must be a resident of the US. Void where prohibited. All standard rules and regulations apply. You know the drill. All entries must be received as comments, and as separate comments. One comment per entry and one entry per comment. Winner will be chosen at random using Random Number Generator, with each comment assigned a number. Check back here on October 11, and/or leave your email address in your comment or Blogger profile to see if you've won--and good luck!


Lisa said...

Love this! I always feel like I have to carry so much with me. The minute you take something out of your bag, you need it for some odd reason!

For my crazy story of when I needed a MMK, my son was about 3 months old and I was in line at Gap when he had a HUGE diaper explosion. It was literally oozing all over the stroller and carrier. I had to RUN to the nearest bathroom that was way too far away. That was probably the worst mess I have ever seen!

Unknown said...

I would include pressed powder. A little something to cover up blemishes or the like. I also always carry a pill box of pain relief, allergy medicine, and TUMS. I also have a few prescriptions I include as well.

Kristen said...

I love your idea! I would also throw in a pen in case you need to write a note down and maybe some ibuprofen or Tylenol because it really stinks when you have a headache and still have to be functional.

And I use the same type of concept for my knitting bag (a KMK I suppose). I have a little tin with stitch markers, scissors, sewing needle, etc. I can just grab and go for any project.

Jordan McCollum said...

Oh, yeah--I guess I was mainly looking at things to help with the kids (I mean, I keep ibuprofen in my purse whether I have them with me or not!)

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