13 Fun Ways for Kids to Show Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is here at last!

I'm definitely looking for ways to help my kids to learn and show gratitude this week, and here are 13 fun ideas I found!

1. Topical gratitude challenge

You can use these categories to go around the Thanksgiving table, too.

2. Gratitude garland

Great for decorating for Thanksgiving, too!

3. Family gratitude journal

Also a fun family activity.

4. Gratitude poster

Beautiful, creative and grateful.

5. Gratitude tree

Another fun way to decorate for Thanksgiving and fall.

6. Gratitude cards

Rainbow colored cards that include prompts, ideas and tasks.

7. Gratitude banner

So many ways to use this one! Here, they've got pockets for each family member and other family members can leave notes telling why they're grateful for them.

8. Gratitude rolls

Fast, easy and fun to share at Thanksgiving dinner!

9. Gratitude at the Thanksgiving table

Prompts and papers for Thanksgiving dinner gratitude. Fun alternative to simply making rounds of the table.

10. Gratitude pinboard (literally!)

A real-life pin board to fill with things you're grateful for.

11. Gratitude alphabet

What you're thankful for, from A to Z

12. Donate food (or clothes/time/service) to those in need

I like to help my children weed out toys they don't play with anymore and donate them at Christmas time, and we'll definitely be donating food this year. (Side note: check with your food bank first. Donating food is a great gesture to involve your children, but sometimes food banks get a better deal than we do, so giving them the same amount of money can go a lot further, and you can find other ways to involve your children.)

13. Collect thank you notes and treats for our troops

You can make care packages for anyone who might need a little extra love during this season: elderly neighbors, far-off family members, our troops.

How do you help your kids remember to be grateful?

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