Two Little Skirts From Mom's Bleached Pants

So as I mentioned here I got an awesome deal a while back at Old Navy on some corduroy, stretchy, skinny jeans. So I went back and got two more pairs. One of the pairs I was wearing while doing laundry soon after and spilled bleach down the leg :( sad day.

So I took those cute skinny jeans and made them into two cute skirts for my girls. One I made in 2T size and the other is Newborn. I used waist approximations from skirts they had.

I first cut the largest sections I could from the pants. One of the parts had some bleach on it but I sewed that section out of the skirt. I made the skirts around 1.5 the circumference of their waist. The corduroy didn't gather well so I'm glad I didn't do it any more.

I evened out the pieces and sewed the pieces together. 

I hemmed the bottom with only one roll up because the material was not fraying. I folded the top over and hemmed it as well. I stretched the elastic as I sewed to create the gather and I put them on my little models.

 I realized whilst trying to take pictures of a newborn and 2 year old in matching outfits, it is almost impossible. This pictures was how all of them were turning out.
Obviously there's underwear showing, both girls are moving, goofy smile and crying, my ironing board in the background, one has no shoes and there other has on just one. 
Merry Thanksgiving Eve! Enjoy your Turkey and day of gratitude! 

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