Laced Front Big Sister Tshirt

Who can resist a cute Big Sister/Brother tshirt? Well I wanted to make my own. I have made shirts for PB in the past for her 2nd birthday and last year's Halloween costume. This time I altered the neckline as well as painted the front.

I first used gold paint to write Big Sister on the front. Similar to how I did the Blue's Clues shirt in the birthday shirt post above.

For the neckline of the shirt I folded the ribbed edge of the shirt under and sewed all the way around with a zig zag stitch. I trimmed off the ribbing. I then cut 9 approximately 1 inch slits around the edge of the front of the neck line. Make sure you do an odd number.

I then cut 9 little pieces of fabric about 1.5" x 1". Each piece I laid on top of the slit (on the front of the shirt) then sewed around the slit.

Snip a hole through the center making sure the whole length is cut.

Take all of the fabric and flip it through the whole and sew around the edge.

Repeat around the edge of the neckline. Snip off any extra fabric. This leave a ton of strings. Here is my completed set of 9 holes. They aren't perfect. These are really hard to do because they are so tiny but them make the shirt look very finished. 
Here's the finished slits. There were so many  threads!
Last I sewed the ribbon onto the seams for the shoulders and laced them through the holes. The ends of the ribbons come up through the same hole to tie.

Here is the finished result. What do you think?
She's making a goofy face but she is one proud big sis!

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