Cable project revealed!

If you watched Monday's video on knitting cables without a cable needle, you already know the secret of what project I was working on.

I needed a fast gift for my son's teacher. She's been really great for him, and she's helped me a lot with a personal project, so I wanted to do something for her. My son said her favorite colors were yellow and green, and I'd seen a picture of her wearing a cabled headband a few years ago. I know she doesn't like hats, so I thought a yellow cabled headband would be a great, fast gift to make for her. (Plus I have a ton of yellow Aran weight yarn.)

If you haven't used Ravelry and its pattern search--you've gotta. I searched for headbands with cables with free patterns online, and I came up with the Evenstar Headband by Jaime Louise, designed to match the Evenstar Gloves by Audrey M. (Here's my project on Ravelry.)

It's a really cool cable pattern--but be sure to follow the pattern! I thought I knew what I was doing the first repetition through, but I messed up about 10 rows and had to frog them. However, even with that set back, it knitted up in one day, blocked the next. Finally got a button yesterday, sewed it on today and sent it off!

My camera was a big smudgy, but the most interesting and unique part of the pattern is the "uncable," where the two cables come close in the middle, and then you actually just wrap the yarn around all those stitches, bundling them together. I've never done that before, and the result works really well in this pattern!

How do you pick thoughtful gifts?

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