Family Photos: Making a Statement With Two T-Shirts

So to make our family photos look cohesive I decided that we would all wear a touch of yellow. On black Friday I got two t-shirts (one size large and one extra large) on sale at the local craft store. My husband wore the yellow (L) as an accent under his brown thermal. My PB wore a yellow hat and I wore a yellow infinity scarf. I made the hat a scarf from the other t-shirt (XL).

To make the hat:
I used:
A baby hat that fit
the t-shirt sleeves

The shirt was a little thin so I made it two layers. I used the current hat as a template for width and height. I sewed the bottom edges (the hem of the sleeve) together. I traced the rest of the hat and sewed along that line. Tip here: If the shirt does not have as much stretch as the hat make sure you add extra width and height.

hat 001

 To make the bow I cut a piece 5" x 10". I folded the edge so the top and bottom meet in the middle of the back of the piece. I zig zag stitched along the edges. I turned the piece with unfinished edge on the outside and sewed the ends together. I turned it back right side out and folded it in half. I then folded each edge back toward the back. and stitched through it. I cut a piece 2" x 3" and folded it in half and sewed it up the long edge. I then turned it right side out and wrapped it around the middle of the bow. I sewed it up the back and cut off the excess. I then sewed it onto the hat.

hat 004

hat 005

hat 007

To make the scarf:
I used the rest of the t-shirt and cut the biggest cut I could. I sewed the short ends together. Then I folded the outside edge in to hem it. I pinned a flower on and tada!


G Inspires said...

That is a good idea, I am always trying to make our little unit cohesive by taking one focal piece and everyone dressing to match it...I love the tiny splashes you decided on.

Allie said...

So SO cute! Love the little hat. Everyone looks great, but girl, you look AWESOME!

Ashley said...

good idea...darling family!!

Just Jaime said...

Love the yellow! Great accessories!

Tracy said...

Sweet photos.
Love your baby hat and your scarf.
How cute is you little one :)

Jennifer said...

Clever!!An easy way to be coordinated!!

candy's clothes closet said...

I love yellow! You did just the right amount of pop. Stay Fashionable! Love, Candy

Visiting from

They call me grandma said...

very clever--and--I love the family pictures--just beautiful.

Heather Landry said...

I love how thrifty you all are! That baby hat is absolutely adorable!!!

Unknown said...

How completely darling is that hat! What a great way to tie all your outfits together too. Wanted to say thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment for me. Hope to see you again. I'm gonna hit your follow button to keep up with what you are doing!
Sherry @ Pondered Primed Perfected

Unknown said...

Wow, what a great really ties everything together without that "we totally match" look! Fabulous! Would you consider sharing it here and joining my party? I'd be thrilled!

Liz said...

I love that idea! It's nice because we don't always have an entire outfit that matches, but a pop of the same color brings it together.

We would love to have you at Find Your Craft Friday!!!

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