Metal Tray Redo--Your Ideas Needed!

A while back, I saved this metal tray from a family member's Goodwill pile. I thought I could make something cool out of it! Here's what I did:

I gathered my supplies: Tray, painter's tape, spray paint, and a large roll of paper to put underneath the tray while painting.


I taped the tray's edges because that's the look I was going for.


I spray painted using wide, sweeping motions. Then I let it dry.....for a long time.


Here's what it looks like today. It's not very easy to photograph!


So my question is: What do I do with it?! I was thinking of hanging it on the wall, but I'm exactly sure how I want to hang it. I want to cover the middle (that says Edible Arrangements) but I'm not sure how. I need your ideas please!!!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

this looks cool! i am sorry that i can't help you! but i can't wait to see what you do. i am always amazed at your ideas

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Very cool! I love that you left the edges silver. Maybe a monogram or monogram tile in the middle? Or a pretty fabric square in black and white? Whatever you do, I'm sure it will be always!

Brave Brooke said...

I would pretend it is a frame and maybe put a quote or a picture in it with a fake matting maybe. Haha I almost spelled that mating- not that!

Tracy said...

This turned out great.
I like Danni's idea :)

Julie, RN said...

How about a chalkboard?? You could use it as a menu board (spray over it with chalkboard paint).
I also have a vintage silver tray with a smaller oval mirror in the center (to hang on the wall)...makes a pretty piece and Hobby Lobby has craft mirrors in several shapes and sizes that you could epoxy onto the center of the tray.

Kirsten Gray said...

I was also thinking a fun chalkboard to hang in the kitchen on the side of a cabnet!

Heather Landry said...

I'm voting for a monogram. Maybe you could make a vinyl circle, and then layer a letter on top of it? I picture it being a big swirly font monogram. LOL

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